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The Gillder Frontier develops, writes and produces feature films. We develop stories based out of emotion to maximize their connection to the audience. We have a detailed film development process that includes everything from concept to completion. This includes outlines, log lines, pitches, story synopsis, script drafts and Private Placement Memorandum's for financing through all elements of production and post-production.

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chicks 101


"StaleMate" is a story about making difficult decisions and how everyone struggles with them. How we are 100% sure that we want something and then, in a split second, we realize we never wanted it in the first place.

Kayleigh has finally found the perfect man; unfortunately, he comes in the form of two men she is dating, Richard and Arthur. They are wonderful in different ways and she is very happy dating them both. In many ways, Richard and Arthur are complimentary pieces to the same puzzle - Kayleigh�s heart.

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"Word of God"

The Comenius Foundation is serving as fiscal sponsor for production of a new new documentary, "The Word of God", from the Gillder Frontier. This intriguing documentary will interview pastors of different religious groups about the role and meaning of the Scriptures. Donations to help fund the production of "The Word of God" may be made to Comenius Foundation, designated for "The Word Project."

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Lost Stallions

"Lost Stallions: The Journey Home"

�Lost Stallions: The Journey Home� is a feature film set in 1969 about a boy who learns how to deal with his father�s death through an unlikely kinship with a horse. The Gillder Frontier wrote the screenplay for this film starring Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney [The Black Stallion, National Velvet], Roger Willie [Windtalkers, Adaptation] and R. Keith Harris [JuneBug, Army Wives].

Lost Stallions: The Journey Home - Trailer Promo
Lost Stallions: The Journey Home - Behind-the-Scenes

Wesley Movie Poster


The Gillder Frontier principle�s Lovinder Gill and Geoff Thompson produced the feature film �Wesley� about the life of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church. �Wesley� stars Hollywood legends June Lockhart and Kevin McCarthy, in addition to Burgess Jenkins [Remember the Titans, The Reaping] and R. Keith Harris.

�Wesley� is currently in post-production.
Wesley - Trailer

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chicks 101

"Chicks 101"

The Gillder Frontier recently released the DVD of the feature film "Chicks 101".

�Chicks 101� is a romantic comedy about a man who teaches a class on how to pick up women. After being challenged to prove his worthiness by sleeping with a woman who teaches Feminism in the 20th Century, he goes on a journey that reunites him with the innocence and passion of love.

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Chicks 101 - Trailer

Arrangement Movie Poster

"Ball & Chain/The Arrangement"

The Gillder Frontier President Lovinder Gill co-wrote the screenplay for "The Arrangement" with screenwriter Tom Lambeth. The romantic comedy is about two American-born Indians whose parents force them into an arranged marriage. The film stars Kal Penn [Superman, Harold & Kumar go to White Castle] and Lisa Ray [Water, Bollywood/Hollywood].

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Ball & Chain/The Arrangement - Trailer